Benefits of personalising the specification of your Apple computer

Personalising the specification

So – you’ve made the decision to buy a Mac. You’ve been researching and exploring the options and you’ve decided on the model you’d like. Finally, you can get excited about your new computer… But wait – that’s not all you need to consider! Apple allows shoppers to customise their new Mac machines when they buy online or in certain … Read More

Macs don’t get viruses!


Do Macs get viruses? Here’s the truth. You’ve probably heard plenty of people claiming that their Mac (or other Apple computer) is immune to viruses. That’s quite a bold claim. Whilst Macs have very good protection system from some viruses built-in, it would be wrong to say they’re not at risk of anything malicious. If you’re in the market for … Read More

iPhone vs Android: Which should you choose?

If you’re looking to buy a new smartphone, chances are it will be running on one of two operating systems: Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS.  Whilst there are other operating systems on the market, they only account for less than 1% of the market share. Meaning Android and Apple have created quite a duopoly.  Both operating systems are highly tuned … Read More

September 2021: What’s new from Apple?

iPhone 13

Apple aficionados will be more than familiar with the usual timetable of new product launches from Apple which sees key new products being unveiled at similar times each year. In more recent years, there have been multiple ‘fall’ (or autumn if you prefer) launches and this year looks set to be the same.  So, if we are still expecting a … Read More

3 Reasons your Apple computer needs a health check

3 reasons your computer needs a health check

Preventing problems before they cause chaos One of the benefits of the forthcoming XMAC Premium Members Club is the complementary initial health check of your computer which includes: Diagnostic Check Memory Check (Built-in Memory) Memory Check (Primary Drive) Malware and Anti-Virus protection Assessment. Speed Check  Report and Recommendation But do you need a health check if your Apple computer is … Read More

Are you time poor and frustrated by Apple tech niggles?

Three time saving tips for Apple computer users If there is one thing Apple’s MacOS is famed for, it’s for the slick and easy to use interface that allows users to work efficiently. Yet many people only know or regularly use, a fraction of the timesaving tricks their Mac is capable of. With that in mind, this article will share … Read More

Help! I’ve switched from Windows to Apple – but now what?

apple laptop on a black background

There are many reasons people choose to switch from a Windows computer to Apple. Whatever the reason though there is one thing most people find daunting at first, the differences in their operating systems. Let’s keep in mind that technically Apple computers are personal computers (PC’s) just like Windows machines. So when we talk about the difference in this article, … Read More

XMAC Premium Club

Coming soon – the answer to all your Apple questions When I talk to Apple users experiencing trouble with their Apple devices a common complaint I hear is that getting help and support is A) expensive or B) only available from Apple in ways that aren’t always convenient to them. Yet if you run into trouble with your Apple computer, you … Read More

Harness the power of your Apple keyboard

Apple Keyboard on XMAC background

Have you ever wondered what all the keys do on your Apple computer keyboard? I’m not talking about the obvious A-Z keys, numerals & grammatical symbols on your Apple keyboard. I’m talking about how keys work when used in specific combinations and exactly what those “F” keys do. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to concentrate on the … Read More

Why your MacBook’s swollen battery is dangerous

2005 MacBook Battery casing

You might think that something as seemingly simple as a laptop battery can’t be dangerous, but you would be wrong. In fact, a swollen battery can be a disaster waiting to happen. I’d like to share with you the tale of a MacBook I recently worked on.  The MacBook was a 2005 model and had been used continually until earlier … Read More