It has always been possible since the inception of OS X, to transfer (via the migration assistant) your current files, photographs, music and other data files contained within the Users Folder.

These are transferred from your previous Apple computer to your newer Apple Mac or device with the help of the original Firewire 400 (male to male) cable – as Apple equipment progress they moved to the next generation Firewire 800 (male to male) cable.

Today it is possible to use any number of cable or wireless connection cables, including:

  • MacBook Air to any standard Apple desktop or laptop computer with a standard ethernet port
  • Apple USB to ethernet adapter with an RJ45 ethernet cable (this can be a really slow transfer speed with the older USB 2.0 or earlier ports
  • MacBook Air to any standard Apple desktop or laptop computer with Airport or WiFi network connections via a wireless router that both computers can connect too.

With OS X it is possible to transfer all your files: photos, movies, contacts and work files.

We are able to complete this process for you if you if you are not confident in doing this yourself.

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What our Clients say...

  • Absolutely brilliant- earlier in the year I had a lot of problems with my mac, the problem was unfixable due to an error on my part, but he did advise great strategies to keep my mac functioning well.

    If I had a problem again I would definitely contact Robert

  • Robert has really helped me. He’s added additional memory to my iMac and MacBook Pro.

    He’s then set everything up so all my files are in sync and stored securely in the cloud.

    He’s really knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in using him again.

    I highly recommend him.

  • Robert has once again displayed his professionalism, attention to detail and courtesy in dealing with a problem that was locking up my mobile sync and creating a huge volume of duplicated emails on my desktop iMac.

    Brilliant service within 24 hours of asking and took Robert no time at all to correct the fault.

    I would highly recommend him.