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Independent Apple service and support for all your Apple devices.

Established in 2006, XMAC provides expert support, training and preventative maintenance for users of iPhone, iPad, iMac, Mac and Macbook devices.

Apple Mac repairs, training and support

How to choose the right iPhone, iPad, iMac, Mac or Macbook

If you’re planning to purchase a new Apple device or are switching from Windows computers to Mac, XMAC offers pre-purchase advice to help you Mac-simise your budget and make a sound buying decision.

Setting up your new iPhone, iPad, iMac, Mac or Macbook

Get your new iPhone, iPad, iMac or Macbook up and running quickly with XMAC. From transferring vital data to optimising your iCloud account, you can be confident that your device is ready to go and your valuable files and data are protected all normally within a single day. 

Fault-finding and repairs

 Whether you use your device for pleasure, leisure or business, we understand it’s frustrating when your iPhone, iPad, iMac or Macbook isn’t working the way you expect it too. XMAC provides independent fault finding and repairs to get your device working again as soon as possible. 

Preventative maintenance and updates

Keep your iPhone, iPad, iMac or Macbook in optimum working order with preventative maintenance and regular updates. Apple releases regular operating system updates for all devices. Whilst these updates often run smoothly, from time to time you may experience problems. XMAC’s preventative maintenance and update services ensure your device is properly backed up before running any updates, protecting you against any data loss.

Using your new iPhone, iPad, iMac, Mac or Macbook

Whether you need help getting started as a brand new user, or want to learn how to harness the full professional power of your Macbook or iMac, XMAC’s training services can help. Bespoke training plans designed to meet your specific needs.



Support for your Apple device to help you solve any issues or problems.

MacBook – MacBook Air –  MacBook Pro –  iMac – Mac – iPhone – iPad – Apple Servers and other devices.

On-site or remote support

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Bespoke training to help you get the most from your Apple device.

MacBook – MacBook Pro –  MacBook Air –  iMac – iPhone – iPad – Apple Servers and other Apple devices.

On-site or remote support.

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Repairs and preventative maintenance at your fingertips.

MacBook – MacBook Pro –  MacBook Air –  iMac – iPhone – iPad – Apple Servers and other Apple devices.

On-site or remote support.

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Led by Robert Brown, an Apple expert with over 25 years' experience.


Providing prompt on-site or remote support, repair and training.


Genuine Apple parts and components.


One to one personal training or classroom style business training.


Ongoing maintenance plans and support for all Apple users.


From replacing an iphone screen to setting up Apple Servers.

What our Clients say...

  • Absolutely brilliant- earlier in the year I had allot of problems with my mac, the problem was unfixable due to an error on my part, but he did advise great strategies to keep my mac functioning well.

    If I had a problem again I would definitely contact Robert

  • Robert has really helped me. He’s added additional memory to my iMac and MacBook Pro.

    He’s then set everything up so all my files are in sync and stored securely in the cloud.

    He’s really knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in using him again.

    I highly recommend him.

  • Robert has once again displayed his professionalism, attention to detail and courtesy in dealing with a problem that was locking up my mobile sync and creating a huge volume of duplicated emails on my desktop iMac.

    Brilliant service within 24 hours of asking and took Robert no time at all to correct the fault.

    I would highly recommend him.