Mac Studio

Mac Studio

So – you’ve heard about the new Mac Studio. You’ve seen the headlines – stunningly compact, extensive connectivity and outrageous performance. It sounds like it may offer the ultimate Mac experience available on the market.

But realistically – your Mac experience is going to be all about what you need, as well as what your machine can deliver. With that in mind, we wanted to delve into the new Mac Studio and answer some of the most common questions you are likely to have surrounding the new Apple mini behemoth.

If you’re considering a Mac Studio, here’s what you need to know.

What is Mac Studio?

The Mac Studio is the neweest offering from the Apple product family. They say “Mac Studio is an entirely new Mac desktop. It packs outrageous performance, extensive connectivity and new capabilities into an unbelievably compact form, putting everything you need within easy reach and transforming any space into a studio.”

It’s Apple silicon-base which means it uses the powerful M1 chip that has made the recent Apple products even faster and more power efficient than ever. This means that whether you’re using multiple apps, or using processor-heavy software (Photoshop, Logic Pro, iMovie), then you can always expect blazing fast speeds.

Who is the Mac Studio target market?

The Mac Studio isn’t built for a specific market, as it can be used by anyone. As with all Macs, they are really simple to set up and use from day 1 to day 1001 (and beyond – Macs are built to last!). 

However, as the dual model iMac range has been replaced with the single iMac 24 inch model, it is logical to accept the Mac Studio can be seen as the upgraded replacement to the iMac 27 inch. That model was used by many semi-professional creatives as a step-up from the starter Mac bridging the way to the highest Mac Pro systems capable of utilising a single or multiple display; perfect if you require the extra screen space and freedom that multiple displays provide.

If you’re a casual user who wants to browse the web, send emails and won’t work their machine too hard – the iMac is a great desktop alternative that comes with a monitor built-in. However, if you require power and performance, the Mac Studio has that in abundance.

Developers, designers, musicians, videographers and many more will benefit from the increased power that keeps them working at 100% productivity, no matter what you throw at the Studio.

What monitor does the Mac Studio work with?

Unlike the iMac, the Mac Studio does not come attached to a monitor. This means you’re free to use whatever monitor you’d like.

We’d recommend that you use one with matching connectivity ports, to avoid having the extra expense of adapters. A monitor with an HDMI or powered USB-C (Thunderbolt 4) slot will work just fine.

As you’d expect, Apple has a monitor in their range but it comes at a hefty price tag so, as with all branded Apple items, it’s worth considering what you need, not just who made it. 

What’s in the box (and what’s not!)

Well, not a great deal! In the box will be your Mac Studio, power cable, Apple Sticker (who doesn’t love those?) and associated paperwork.

That means you’ll need to purchase a mouse and keyboard to use with your new Mac if you don’t have one already. You can use Apple’s Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard or any other third-party accessories, as long as they connect with a USB-C on the back of the Studio. Apple has provided 2 USB-A ports which allows you to connect a wired USB keyboard, mouse or other kind of moveable input device, like a Wacom tablet, trackball, the options are endless with the Mac Studio’s connection possibilities.

Does the Studio replace the Mac Pro?

With Apple teasing a new Mac Pro in the coming months, it’s unlikely that this is a direct replacement. The Mac Studio provides a greater, more powerful experience at a lower cost than the traditional Mac Pro price point. However as I suggested earlier it is more likely to be a replacement for the now defunct iMac 27 inch.

Can Mac Studio be upgraded post-purchase?

Similar to other new Apple products the Mac Studio is a sealed unit which means post-purchase customisation is not possible.

We’d encourage you to kit out, fine-tune and supercharge your new machine at the point of purchase. Apple makes this really simple, and it saves a lot of hassle further down the line, leaving you with a better machine for longer. You can read more about the benefits of customisation from our blog here.

Is the Mac Studio worth the price tag?

There’s no denying that the Mac Studio is a great piece of kit. It will be more than powerful enough for most casual users and should last a LONG time before needing to be replaced. And, if you’re a heavy user, you’re going to benefit from the ‘M1 Max’ and ‘M1 Ultra’ chip options that will deliver serious amounts of power.

But – ultimately, it depends on what you need from a computer. Before splashing the cash, it’s probably worth having a chat with us to explore your usage habits, and requirements for a Mac computer and discuss whether it’s the best choice for you. We will either be able to say ‘it’s perfect for you’ or provide an alternative that may provide the same experience for a lower cost.

Looking to buy a Mac and not sure where to start?

Thinking about the Mac Studio? We don’t blame you. But it might not be the best option for your needs.

Give us a call to talk through your current set-up and get advice from the Mac experts on your next purchase.