Are Apple computers expensive?


The truth behind the price…

Let’s not be shy about it. At first glance, (Apple) Mac computers can appear a bit expensive. Their cheapest model, after all, is £999 (at the time of writing) – and that is set to increase.

There are many factors that lead to the higher prices of Apple devices. They are industry leading, with technology that is often unparalleled and versatility that Windows machines simply can’t compete with.

As an Apple aficionado, it’s easy to explain why there is an increased price point on their equipment. However, for people new to the brand, the price can be hard to justify.

This article helps you understand the real reasons behind apparent price differences and explores how you can get the most value when you’re buying a new Apple computer.

Is there really a price difference?

Put simply, yes. However, you need to consider if you are simply comparing price or if the value you get for your money matters. For example, you can get a bog standard, entry-level Windows based computer for around £250/£300. When that’s up against a £999 Macbook Air M1, it’s obvious which is cheaper.

However, that’s where the simplicity ends. The Macbook Air is a FAR superior machine – both in terms of design, usability, processing power, connectivity and longevity. However a £999 Windows based computer, may force a slightly closer competition yet will still fall short on the design.

It’s important to understand that comparing a £999 Mac to a £250 Windows based computer just isn’t fair. Dare I say it, you aren’t comparing apples with apples. 

To get closer to a reasonable price comparison you need to explore a £999 Windows based computer – although Apple invariably still comes out on top. This only goes to emphasise the gulf between Apple’s market strategy and Microsoft’s. 

Apple values brand consistency, build quality, reliability and longevity. By contrast, Microsoft has successfully taken the greater market share for so long because they are volume driven. That means using cheaper components, bringing the risk that you will need to pay for upgrades to hardware and software in order to achieve the level of functionality you enjoy from even entry level Apple devices. 

Adding to this that many Apple users enjoy as much as 10 years service from their computers, Windows based computers fall into the “buy cheap, buy twice (or more)” category.

Why are Windows machines cheaper?

Generally, there is no regulated build process and there are SO many Windows computer builders to choose from which means that you’re going to be able to find multiple machines across every price point.

But this variety of builds inevitably means you’re going to find variable quality standards. Conversely, with Apple’s Mac range you can always rely on the same high-quality build and product. What’s more, because Apple manufactures and allows you to customise, every machine – you’re getting exactly what it says on the tin. This means that, as long as you know what you are asking for, your device will be able to do what you need it to do.

There is a certain level of risk when you buy a Windows PC that simply doesn’t exist when buying a Mac – and that’s why so many customers keep coming back to Apple’s brand of design and build. Many of our customers make use of the XMAC specification service before they buy their new computer in order to ensure they make a wise buying decision.

Why Apple machines cost more

It all comes down to value for money. You’ve probably already realised by now – but you get a lot more bang for your buck when it comes to Apple.

Apple machines are proven to typically have a longer lifetime than Windows computers; they’ll serve you better throughout that time too. They’re trusted by millions of users worldwide who all work from the same small range of computers, unlike the thousands of different Windows configurations that are  available in the current market.

Apple’s technology is mostly managed in-house, meaning they’ve got machines optimised for their software and hardware, every single time a new model is released. Alongside that, people have loved the unique design of the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro ranges for decades since their original launches. There’s a reason people say, when you go Mac you never go back!

Apple’s proprietary macOS software is constructed to protect your data. To read more about Apple’s security, take a look at our previous article here.

How buying refurbished can save you money

That said, budget may still be a factor for some would-be Apple buyers. That’s where refurbished Apple computers can come in.

XMAC offers personalised buying advice for your needs and helps you find refurbished Macs that are as good as new and ready for action. This means you can still get the best device for your individual needs whilst being kinder to your pocket.

Not everyone needs all the bells and whistles of the latest machine, and talking to us about your purchase could end up saving you plenty of money without sacrificing quality.

Thinking about buying an Apple computer?

It can seem like a difficult decision. Fortunately, XMAC is here to help. We help buyers understand their needs and discover the best solution for their purchase – saving time and money and getting an amazing Apple computer too.

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