The juiciest Apple rumours from 2023 (so far)

Apple's juiciest rumours of 2023

It’s getting to that time of year… actually, the internet is full of Apple rumours all year round. 

But in the months building up to the September keynote speech, the rumour-mill goes into overdrive!

Maybe the next iPhone is going to come with wheels? Or the latest Macbook will charge exclusively by solar power? Ok, so maybe those are a little crazy. But we’ve delved into some of the latest and greatest Apple rumours and given you some honest feedback on them.

Here’s what the internet has to say about what’s to come from Apple this year.

The iPhone 15: same, same – but different?

The September keynote is a huge date in any Apple fan’s calendar. This is when the big product updates are announced, including – you guessed it, the iPhone.

The latest rumours circulating are mainly around the physical attributes of the new device. EU mandates mean that most portable electronics, including smart-phones, have to use a standardised charging port. This refers to the USB-C connection found on many modern Android devices.

Apple will likely transition several products over time and has already updated the charging/connection ports on the new iPad range and Siri remote. Will the iPhone 15 mean the end of the lightning cable???

Design-wise – thinner bezels (the black bits around the screen) and a new dynamic island like the iPhone 14 Pro are rumoured. According to ShrimpApplePro on Twitter, the iPhone 15 will feature “a new border design.”

Back to the current generation – a yellow iPhone 14 is being released very soon. Is it worth upgrading? Only if you’d rather spend £999 instead of buying a yellow case… we know what we’d choose!

Is it worth upgrading for a new port and smaller bezels? Probably not right now.

iPad – prepare to fork out visually MUCH more…

Apparently, the new iPad Pro will have an OLED display. Things looking better on screen is always good. But the price point is an unwelcome bit of news…

It’s looking like the 11-inch model will start at £1,199. This is according to Korea-based The Elec, which is often correct when it comes to rumours. They also claim that the 12.9-inch model will set you back £1,499 (!!!).

An OLED iPad Pro that costs SO more than the current model makes no sense. Apple’s current iPad screens are fantastic, and even those with tip-top eyesight will struggle to see a difference with an OLED model.

If you already own an iPad from the last couple of years, steer well clear of this generation upgrade.

Apple Watch 9 – the Apple rumour we’re watching

Every new Apple watch tends to bring a new chip. The series 8 boasts the S8 chip and the series 7 has an S7. You get the gist. The upcoming series 9 will purportedly bring the S9 chip with a boost in performance and maybe a Neural Engine built into the chip. 

When it comes to relevant OS’s, we don’t know much yet. But we will get our first peek at it at WWDC 2023 (usually in June). You’re likely to see some new health and fitness features as well as a selection of newly available watch faces. Unless you’re looking for the new health and fitness updates as a priority, it’s MUCH easier to stick with what you’ve got or buy a recent, but not brand new, model. You’ll still get plenty of years of use out of it, at a much-reduced price point.

AirPods – better tech, more options

Heard of AirPods Lite? Not yet, you haven’t. They’re the much-rumoured, more affordable alternative to the base Airpods.

We love AirPods, and think they boast impressive quality and great design that competitors are struggling to rival. So hopefully the Lite addition will let more people enjoy this product.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will be bringing significant hearing health features to AirPods in the next year or two. Writing in his Power On email newsletter, he says that Apple will be “upgrading the AirPods to become a health tool”. 

There is much chatter about the hearing enhancement features of the AirPods and great stories from users surrounding their use. But they’re not yet approved by US or UK health authorities as a bonafide hearing tool. It’s something to keep our eyes (and ears!) on, as it could be a massive selling point for AirPods in the future.

Here’s the truth

Honestly – we love Apple products. We also know that they continue to innovate and improve their products year after year. But – do you really need to reinvest every year? Or buy the latest product if you’re not going to use it to its full potential?

For many consumers, the latest technology is not an essential, but a luxury. Instead of spending, in some instances, thousands of pounds extra for the latest model, we believe refurbished products can deliver 90% of the value for a significant reduction in cost.

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