Is macOS better than Windows?


It’s a question that will often cause some debate. Similar to Android vs Apple, one of the biggest questions within the tech industry always crops up when new devices are released – is macOS better than Windows?

Spoiler alert: the answer is very much dependent on a number of other questions. There is no one size fits all approach to buying a new device, as one user will need something completely different to another.

We’re going to walk through a few of the important factors you should consider when you’re making your next purchase.

Who are you?

This is a biggie. If you’re a silver surfer who just wants to check your emails, then you may not see the immediate benefit of using macOS. But, if you’re a student studying something creative and needs powerful software like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro Studio or any of the other Mac-exclusive software, then it will seem a lot more appealing.

The power of Apple machines is high, and they’re built with every kind of user in mind, including casuals. However, we would encourage you to consider whether it’s really necessary to invest in a Mac to use its advanced OS (operating system) if you’re not going to utilise what it is capable of. You may find that you’d be more suited to something simpler and less powerful, which will often result in a reduced cost too.

Another point to consider is, if you are a student, or may decide to study again as a mature student, it is well worth contacting the IT support department at your chosen campus to check which kind of operating systems you can use during your studies? 

From experience we have found that the macOS is often not the system that IT departments will suggest, which means you will have to push the issue if you want to use a Mac. 

Who wins on security?

If you’re worried about the rise of cybercrime and threats to security on devices, then macOS is a clear winner in this race. With extremely advanced built-in software, the Apple operating system is levels above what Windows operating systems come installed with. 

You can improve Windows security by using third-party software such as Malwarebytes or other anti-virus applications. 

Apple advises against using generic anti-virus software and at XMAC we always used a brand that is specifically made for the Apple/Mac computers. There may be a small cost to use this software but, in our opinion, is a small price to pay compared to the cost of undoing security breaches, hacks, phishing or data loss. 

If, like some of XMAC clients, you go down the route of installing a Windows operating system on Mac hardware then you have just turned on your ‘Macindows’ (yes I have just invented this name as I regularly build Windows systems within Apple/Mac hardware). This, in turn, makes your Apple device as vulnerable as Dell, HP or any of the cacophony of Windows based equipment. This is because it is the software that is vulnerable and not the hardware and is why we currently believe that the macOS is the much safer software choice.

As a safer software from the get-go, macOS rightly is considered essential for those who value their data security above all else. Most viruses and malware are optimised to affect Windows operating systems too, which is another reason that Macs are by far the safer choice in a world where cyber security is becoming ever more important.

Does it integrate with your existing devices?

If you’re a more casual browser who doesn’t care too much about integrations and connectivity, then macOS isn’t much different to a Windows operating system. But for those who are on the move, running a business or just have a hectic social life, your mobile phone or tablet being in sync with your computer is likely essential. 

MacOS seamlessly syncs data between iPhones, iPads and Mac devices thanks to iCloud. Your notes, photos, videos, messages, emails and even browser data can be shared between devices as standard. However, if you’re an iPhone user, you may find it harder to connect it to your Windows computer and you can not manage your iCloud account from a Windows computer. Conversely, if you’re an Android user, your Mac isn’t likely to be optimised to get the best from your Android apps.

Updates and backups

Apple has a (fairly) limited range of devices, meaning all operating system updates are optimised for only a small number of specific devices. Where they all use the same operating system, you are guaranteed consistency and reliability. However, if you’re a Windows user, you could be using XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, or 11. Or maybe, you’re on a device that uses Linux OS. This means that every update you receive to every piece of software is going to respond differently depending on your device. This can cause security issues, software problems and even hardware damage.

When it comes to backups for your Apple macOS devices, Time Machine will regularly backup your device for you, if you set it up to do so. This means you’re safe in the knowledge that your important photos and data are being regularly saved in a time based structure in case something should happen to your device. This differs to an online backup which only has the latest version of the files/documents you have saved to the cloud including iCloud storage. Time Machine backups let you choose between different versions of the same file from the date it was saved on.

Don’t forget – what’s your budget?

Whilst we’ve outlined a lot of the benefits of choosing macOS, price is still a big factor in determining whether or not to purchase an Apple computer. Traditionally, Macs are seen as being more expensive than their Microsoft Windows counterparts – but as we mentioned in a recent blog, that’s not always true.

An easy way to reduce the cost of your Apple purchase is to buy refurbished from a provider like XMAC. You’ll likely save money, alongside getting personalised setup advice and support.

But if you’re looking for a device on a smaller budget, the switch to macOS may have to wait just a little longer or consider a mobile Apple iOS iPad device to start your Mac journey.

Want to talk Apple?

If you’re convinced that Apple is the best product range for you, then we may be able to save you money when you purchase your next Apple product. But more importantly, we can help provide long-term support and protection for your devices to ensure you’re getting the best out of them at all times.

Get in touch today and find out how XMAC can help you find your device, set it up and protect it too.