The juiciest Apple rumours from 2023 (so far)

Apple's juiciest rumours of 2023

It’s getting to that time of year… actually, the internet is full of Apple rumours all year round.  But in the months building up to the September keynote speech, the rumour-mill goes into overdrive! Maybe the next iPhone is going to come with wheels? Or the latest Macbook will charge exclusively by solar power? Ok, so maybe those are a … Read More

Eight tips and tricks to help you Mac-simise your iPhone

iOS tips iPhone

Apple products, especially the iPhone have always been industry-leading when it comes to their tech, but the software (iOS) continues to impress with every new release. What’s the best thing about the updates? Alongside security patches and visual design updates, there are also plenty of new features and iOS included apps added every year. However, a lot of these go … Read More

New Year Tech Requirements: Apple Edition

new year

As the New Year rolls around, many SMEs and sole traders are taking stock and planning for the financial year ahead. This includes considering their technology set-up and whether investments should be made now or later in the year. Whilst it’s hard to prioritise when you’re making plans and lists of changes for the next 12 months, your technology should … Read More

Migrating from iPhoto – The what, the why and the risks…


Many of you may not have even noticed. It’s only a subtle change, but it’s an important one. Within the last few years, iPhoto has disappeared from Apple’s macOS’s since 10.13. Instead, Apple now has as their image viewing/editing application. Big deal? It doesn’t sound like it. But if you care about keeping your old photos safe, and you’re … Read More

iCloud Syncing: 8 Common reasons you might be struggling


It’s a headache many of us have experienced. You’re simply trying to upload photos to your computer. Or maybe you’re looking to upload a voice memo or calendar from one device to another. Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet as to why you’re having difficulty syncing. There are plenty of reasons your device may not be syncing to iCloud – some … Read More

Is macOS better than Windows?


It’s a question that will often cause some debate. Similar to Android vs Apple, one of the biggest questions within the tech industry always crops up when new devices are released – is macOS better than Windows? Spoiler alert: the answer is very much dependent on a number of other questions. There is no one size fits all approach to … Read More

Don’t risk data loss. Our guide to protecting your Apple device.

data loss

Don’t risk data loss. When you’re investing money in an expensive device, you’re going to want it protected. Whilst you may be able to insure a device, purchase a protection plan or get help from qualified professionals when things go wrong – it’s important you can take steps yourself to prevent risks to the data on your device. In fact, … Read More

Maximising your iPhone’s battery life: a quick guide

iPhone battery

You’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, and you’ve only got 3% battery life left on your iPhone. All of a sudden, your life flashes before your eyes – how are you getting home without maps? How are you going to contact the person you’re meeting? If you’ve ever worried about your iPhone battery, you’re not alone. Fortunately, batteries in … Read More

Are Apple computers expensive?


The truth behind the price… Let’s not be shy about it. At first glance, (Apple) Mac computers can appear a bit expensive. Their cheapest model, after all, is £999 (at the time of writing) – and that is set to increase. There are many factors that lead to the higher prices of Apple devices. They are industry leading, with technology … Read More

Mac Studio

Mac Studio

So – you’ve heard about the new Mac Studio. You’ve seen the headlines – stunningly compact, extensive connectivity and outrageous performance. It sounds like it may offer the ultimate Mac experience available on the market. But realistically – your Mac experience is going to be all about what you need, as well as what your machine can deliver. With that … Read More