Benefits of personalising the specification of your Apple computer

Personalising the specification

So – you’ve made the decision to buy a Mac. You’ve been researching and exploring the options and you’ve decided on the model you’d like. Finally, you can get excited about your new computer…

But wait – that’s not all you need to consider!

Apple allows shoppers to customise their new Mac machines when they buy online or in certain cases when you purchase from an Apple store. This means you can supercharge the RAM (built-in memory), expand the internal storage or invest in a top-end graphics card to keep you gaming at max capacity.

This, however, means that every Apple machine is unique. This, in turn, means that your serial number, unlike Windows computers, will be individual depending on what you’ve customised.

Why does this matter? Let us explain.

Serial numbers on your Apple computer

Every Apple Mac has its own unique serial number, thanks to the pre-purchase customisation options you choose at the original purchase. Being able to build a machine tailored to your needs is a fantastic option for buyers, and something Apple’s competitors aren’t rivalling.

If you’re a Windows user, your serial number will be more generic. Windows computers will have batch serial numbers as they’re often an ‘off-the-shelf’ build. Generally speaking, this means you can find guides online to repair, upgrade or fault find with your Windows PC that will be relevant to the exact machine you’re using.

Why does my serial number matter?

If you’ve bought a Mac, customised or not, the serial number is important. Apple’s unique system serial number will allow you to explore potential future upgrades for your machine.

As your machine gets older, you may consider upgrading elements of it to bring it back to life, more like its original performance. But – with your unique Apple custom serial number, it may be harder to discover whether your Mac has previously been or is now suitable for upgrades. This means you may end up paying for hardware you don’t need or even worse, paying for software you can’t use.

When it comes to repairs and system fault identifications, it also makes it harder for you to discover these faults yourself and generic repair guides may no longer be relevant for your custom build.

This may also be relevant when it comes to software or hardware upgrades, repairs, system fault identifications etc.

Where to find your serial number

A printed version of the serial number can be found on the bottom of your MacBook or underneath the iMac’s foot stand. 

Alternatively you can create a System Information Report that can be sent to an engineer using the following instructions (no personal or business data will be included in this report):

  • Go to the Apple Menu> “About this Mac”
  • Choose “System Report” 
  • System Information application will start, once open go to the File (menu) and click on “Save…”.
  • Change the file name to reflect your computer’s location and then saved file location to “Where: Desktop”
  • Click on the “Save button”

It may take a few minutes for the file to be produced and appear on your Desktop. Once it is visible you can email the .spx file to your chosen Apple engineer.

How can XMAC help me with my Mac?

If you’ve bought a Mac, customised or not – we can help you understand the current power and future potential of your computer

By knowing your unique Apple serial number, and supplying a system information report to confirm if any upgrades have already been carried out, we can run system-specific reports for your computer. These will even tell you things like how much battery life has been used, how many battery cycles are remaining and what external Bluetooth or USB devices you’re capable of connecting with. 

Using the serial number, we can tell what you can do on your specific machine’s build and (crucially) what your computer may/may NOT be able to do. This is important when it comes to upgrades or other limitations you may encounter when trying to upgrade your operating system to the latest Apple release – especially on an older machine.

With a personalised serial number, we can understand your computer on a deeper level and allows for more personal service and tailored advice to your device, that ensures you’re getting the most out of your purchase.

Need more advice before buying your Mac?

Buying an Apple product comes with many benefits, but sometimes you may also have concerns as to whether you’re buying the right product for your needs. We’re here to help ensure you get the right product for today, next year and beyond.

The team is ready to help answer any questions you have about Macs. 

For expert Apple advice, including pre-purchase recommendations to help you make the most of your budget, get in touch today.