Help! I’ve switched from Windows to Apple – but now what?

apple laptop on a black background

There are many reasons people choose to switch from a Windows computer to Apple. Whatever the reason though there is one thing most people find daunting at first, the differences in their operating systems.

Let’s keep in mind that technically Apple computers are personal computers (PC’s) just like Windows machines. So when we talk about the difference in this article, we are not talking about the hardware differences. We are talking about the difference between a computer running Windows as the operating system or one using MacOS (Apple’s Macintosh operating system).

Unless you’ve installed Windows on your Apple computer you’ll be working with a very different operating system than the one  you’re used to. *Note, at the time of writing it is not possible to install Windows on new Mac computers powered by the M1 chip.

So, what is different?

Probably the first thing you’ll notice is that keyboard shortcuts you’re familiar with on Windows devices are different when using MacOS. A prime example is good old copy and paste. 

Everyone knows it’s CONTROL + C to copy and CONTROL + V to paste don’t they?

Sorry! On MacOS you use COMMAND (cmd) + C to copy and COMMAND (cmd) + V to paste. It might seem like a small change but if you’ve been using Windows for a while, your muscle memory will be pretty ingrained and is going to need retraining

Is MacOS more secure?

While it’s true that Apple computers don’t get viruses, their web browser’s can be attacked by Malware. For this reason it’s important to protect your computer and we recommend Malwarebytes to our clients. 

MacOS is more joined up

While Windows is making progress in this area, Apple devices and software are designed to work together. This means, if set up correctly, you will be able to access your files across all your devices – Mac , iPhone, iPad and much of the data you input into one application will be used in other places.

Other differences between MacOS and Windows

There is more software written for Windows than for MacOS. This could be particularly problematic if there is proprietary software you need to use for example for work. Another reason as I said above, the data you input can be used in many applications at the same time.

That said, over recent years the increased use of cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) technology does mean that you don’t always need to install software on your computer.

If you’ve been used to using Windows computers with touchscreen technology you’ll need to get used to not putting your fingers all over your MacBook, iMac or other Apple computer screens. Currently Apple devices need iOS to offer touchscreen technology – this means iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Despite this apparent disconnect, you will find that you can move seamlessly from mobile to computer device with Apple’s operating systems, recently Apple have made it possible for you to control all your Apple devices from the same keyboard, Mouse and/or Trackpad. Windows is making progress but it’s not quite there yet. This might be because Windows machines are made by many different manufacturers whereas only Apple makes MacOS and iOS devices.

As a new user, getting your Apple computer out of the box is a wonderful experience. Apple put as much design consideration into their packaging as they do their devices!

Your device will usually be charged and ready for use when you switch it on (or plug it in if it’s a Mac), set up is slick, easy and very intuitive. Exactly what Apple is so famous for.

However if this is your first foray into the world of MacOS you might need some assistance to optimise your system setup. This means things like backups, folder structures, tags – there’s a lot to learn.

In fact, many MacOS users will spend many years without using their Apple computer to its full potential.

Let  XMAC  get you off to a flying start start

If you are a new Apple computer user and have been through the initial setup but are now getting frustrated with trying to make your device work how you would like, XMAC can help. We are experts in Mac-simising your Apple experience. This means we can help you set it up, show you how it works and even teach you some tricks you’ll never find on your own.

So much so, That a business client once told me, what I did in two hours, what it would have taken him 2 weeks to do and complete.

If you’d like more help learning about the immense power of your Apple computer simply call XMAC on 01420 538575 for a free phone consultation.