One2One assistance

Move information to your Apple computer

It has always been possible since the inception of OS X, to transfer (via the migration assistant) your current files, photographs, music and other data files contained within the Users Folder. These are transferred from your previous Apple computer to you newer Apple  with the help of the original Firewire 400 (male to male) cable, as Apple equipment progress they moved to the next generation Firewire 800 (male to male) cable.

Today it is possible to use any number of cable or wireless connection cables, including –

MacBook Air to any standard Apple Desktop or Laptop Computer with standard ethernet port: Apple USB to Ethernet adapter with an Rj45 ethernet cable (this can be a really slow transfer speed with the older USB 2.0 or earlier ports

MacBook Air to any standard Apple Desktop or Laptop Computer with Airport or WiFi network connections via a wireless router that both computers can connect too.


With OS X it is possible to transfer….