On-Site & Remote

Did you know that if you have a problem on your iMac, we do not necessarily need to come out to see you? We can help remotely depending on the nature of the problem.

How does remote support work?

We us a remote access software which means that you can download it onto your computer and we can access and see what you are seeing.
It is secure and only you can allow us access to your computer.
By using this method, we can trouble-shoot the problem from a different location. This will save you money and time.

On-site support

Some issues are more complex and require a one to one meeting with you on your premises. This is not a problem and we are happy to visit our clients and fix any issues.

Contact us

Call us on:
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email us on: help@x-mac.co.uk
to talk to us about your requirements so that we can provide the solution

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